Job opportunity (University of Oxford). Research Associate: Crafting Documents, c.500 – c.800 CE. Deadline for application: 22nd March 2023.

Post-Doctoral Research Associate (PDRA). The project is co-funded by the AHRC and the DFG and brings together technical analysis of parchment and ink with a palaeographical examination of penmanship to explore, for the first time, how documents were made in the key transitional period between the writing practices of Antiquity and those of the Middle Ages, c. 500 to c. 800. At its centre is the systematic exploitation of a huge but almost entirely neglected corpus of tiny relic labels, many no more than a few centimetres long, which hitherto have been judged too insignificant for thorough attention. Treating these minute documents as textual artefacts, Crafting Documents will shed new light on the poorly understood artisan skills required to manufacture parchment and to prepare ink in this period.

Info here. Deadline 22nd March 2023.

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