The Medieval Book Through the Lens of the Librarian

 7th European Congress of Medieval Studies, 06-09 September 2023, University of Basel Switzerland.

The Congress intends to focus on the interplay of content and aura of books in the Middle Ages and the way they are balanced and shaped through the work of medieval librarians. By way of plenary talks and discussion sessions, specialists from different fields of medieval studies will share with the audience their views about the special character of medieval books that transcends the immediate content and becomes visible most prominently in the special environment of the library with its catalogues, bookshelves and bookcases, and above all the active and reactive mind of the librarian.

There is a number of slots for papers (20 minutes) and special sessions (90 minutes). Proposals should be submitted to Prof. Maarten J.F.M. Hoenen at by 30 April, 2023.

To facilitate attendance at the Congress, FIDEM stipends (500 €) are available for researchers under the age of 35, who will present a paper.
Applications (including a letter of application, a CV and a letter of recommendation) should be submitted to Marta Pavón Ramírez, FIDEM Secretary General, at secretary.general@fidemweb. org by 30 April, 2023.

More info here.

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