Call for Papers: Grammatica and the Different Facets of the Transmission of Knowledge:                                                                                       In Memoriam Louis Holtz (1929 – 2023)

The annual “Young Researchers Day” (Journée d’Etudes des Jeunes Chercheurs), organized by the association Chroniques Chartistes, will be held on June 27th and 28th, 2023, in partnership with ENC, the Jean-Mabillon Center, the laboratories IRHT-CNRS and HTL-CNRS, and the Comité International de paléographie latine. This year’s event is dedicated to exploring the links between Grammatica, the transmission of text and knowledge, and Digital Humanities, in memory of the late Louis Holtz, an important figure in the field of Latin studies. The event aims to facilitate dialogue between young and senior researchers, with a focus on the contributions of Master’s and Doctoral students, as well as postdoctoral researchers. 

The event will feature discussions on three main themes:

  1. Grammatici and the History of Texts and Language: This first axis will focus on the Grammatici and their work, which has been a fundamental part of the educational curriculum from ancient and medieval periods to modernity. The works of the Grammatici have not only contributed to the development of grammatical doctrine and offered rich lessons on language, but also to the survival of ancient literature.

2. Paleography: Manuscript Layout as an Instrument of  Textual Transmission: The sources of text represent both a material and intellectual unit, which played a crucial role in the transmission of texts over the centuries. This theme explores the role of grammar as an instrument of textual creation, as its practice was responsible for some of the important features of the manuscript format, such as glosses and marginalia (Irvine, 1995). The manuscript form of the text, with its distinctive characteristics such as textual variation, encoding of writing, and layout, represents a total system of verbal and visual meanings that heavily impacted the transmission of knowledge.

3. Digital Humanities: The Structure and “Grammar” of the Digital Paradigm: This theme explores the impact of digital humanities on the study of ancient texts and the transmission of knowledge. The focus is on digital editions and the creation of new tools conceived to face the challenges of the manuscript reality, their advantages as well as their limitations.

Date: 27-28/06/2023
Location: École nationale des chartes, 65 Rue de Richelieu, 75002 Paris
Submission deadline: 15/05/2023 – An abstract of the proposal in French or English with indicative bibliography plus a short CV.
*A limited number of transportation and accommodation bursaries will be given.
*The actes of the journée will be published after peer review in the series of Brepols Studia Artistarum, founded in 1994 by Louis Holtz and Olga Weijers.

The original text of the call for papers (in French) with indicative bibliography is available at For any questions/further information contact chroniqueschartistes.jejc23[at]

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